Those who are equipped with the education, technical knowledge, and soft skills for graphic design can choose from various job options in this field.

Let us look at some of the most popular choices:

An art director is one of the most sought-after positions in this industry. It is the job of the art director to decide the images and visual style that would be used for the specific needs of the project.

The overall design of the project is created by the art director along with the responsibility of its effective execution. Some examples are creating content for magazines, newspapers, products, etc.

There are various forms of media where there is a requirement to create animation and special effects. Some examples are movies, television, video games, etc. This is where an animator comes in.

The job of an animator involves creating a series of images which are called frames. When these frames are sequenced together an illusion of a movement is created which is called animation. The different types of animation that an animator may work on are 2D, 3D, computer generated or stop-motion animation.

Though the primary requirement for an animator is to have artistic skills, it is advantageous to be familiar with technical knowledge related to computer packages.

Creating an efficient and positive user experience for visitors of a website or mobile application is the primary function of a UX designer.

It would be necessary to use the information from research and workflow analysis to create a satisfying experience for the user. Unless a user is captivated and impressed with the experience of the visit they might not return back. Hence assessing the quality of the user experience becomes crucial for the UX designer.

A thorough understanding of web technology is imperative for this job profile.